Synthetic Voices Episode #1 – Selections from February 2012

Today I’m kicking off the first episode of Synthetic Voices!  I’m really looking forward to the challenge of recording a podcast every month and hopefully a couple people will enjoy listening to it!

Take a listen to the episode here:

Featured Stories

“Kulturkampf” by Anatoly Belilovsky
Cast of Wonders Ep. 24
-I had the pleasure of reading an early draft of this story on, an online writing group.  This isn’t a normal podcast for me (it’s YA fiction), but I looked up the reading/performance of it because it’s a highly musically driven story.  It’s a WONDERFUL little piece of experimental/alternate reality fiction with some satisfyingly clever elements.  Also, it looks like Belilovsky changed the ending from the draft I read, as it’s much more satisfying at the end too.

“Jagannath” by Karin Tidbeck
The Drabblecast Ep. 234
-This was an interesting story because it takes a look at a microcosm and a lifecycle.  I can’t say too much of this one for fear of spoilers, but it does a great job marrying a bizarre, squishy place with a completely connect-withable character.  You’ll feel like you’re an infant again, naively exploring the world.

“Gravedigger of Konstan Spring” by Genevieve Valentine
Lightspeed Magazine Febuary Issue
-Normally I don’t listen to a lot of fiction labelled as Fantasy, but this one is more in-between than strictly fantasy or science fiction.  If you enjoy Twilight Zone stories or even “Golden Age” pulps, this might do it for you.  Set up a normal place, make ONE change, and see what happens.

“The Burning Servant” by Steven Saus
Pseudopod Ep. 269
-I don’t really know what to make of this story, which may be why it’s on here.  Note, “The Burning Servant” was published on a horror podcast, but this story has more fantasy/story elements than the very few Lovecraftian style elements.  It’s the story of an old black woman telling her yarn of a life in slavery in the Deep South…with a little demonology thrown in!  Not sure what it is trying to “say,” if anything, but it’s not a boring story!

“Skin Deep” by Mary Rosneblum
StarShipSofa Ep. 225
-This last entry for February earned its place by making me, as a reader, really curious about the protagonist.  He is a man with a deformity trying to live his life, but it takes a while for us to learn the how’s and why’s.  Also, the interesting ending leaves us staring at him, wondering what he’ll decide to do!


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