Why is there a Pop-up on Your Website, Jimmy?

You don’t see it yet, but on Dec. 3rd, a little pop-up window should activate from some code I’ve embedded in my blog.  This is correct and not a drill!

Member of The Internet Defense LeagueThere is an organization called The Internet Defense League (part of Fight for the Future) that has tried to establish an automated response system to major threats to internet rights, security, and privacy.  Those of you who remember the SOPA/PIPA craziness last year will have some idea how powerful users can be in stopping flagrant trampling of internet rights.  Whenever a major threat comes up, code installed in volunteer websites activates and shows a pop-up asking users to contact their representatives in government.

On Dec. 3rd, the IDL is planning to protest a UN action that would give a group called the International Telegraph Union a large amount of power to regulate the internet.  The IDL put together a video that describes the problem pretty well:

This is the first event to come up since I installed the IDL code on my website.  I hope it won’t be TOO disruptive, but it should be a little disruptive, since protesting and getting the word out are really the whole point.  Please let me know what you think in the comments to this thread.


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