Capclave 2012 Reflections

For those who don’t know, I was at Capclave 2012 this weekend in Gaithersburg, MD.  It’s a speculative fiction (fantasy, science fiction, and horror) con that is focused on the literary aspects of genre fiction.  As a big fan of short fiction and a sometimes reader of novels, there were a LOT of great panels for me.  I’m also a member of WSFA, the hosting organization, so it was doubly good.

One of the most exciting parts of Capclave this year was my podcast‘s inclusion in the programing.  On Saturday I held a roundtable discussion mirroring the ones we do at normal WSFA meetings.  Unfortunately, it mirrored a little two closely — it was the same people.  I’m glad they came, but it did make me reevaluate how we’re going to do this thing next year (assuming I’m still in a Capclave-adjacent area next year).  We’ll probably make it more of a “what are all these podcasts I hear so much about” info session.

Personally, I went to a lot of great panels and events.  The Edgar Rice Burroughs panel was staffed by some really impressive experts.  The same goes for the “xenobiology” panel, which was very scientifically stimulating!

I also took advantage of the con suite, which doubled as the game room.  We played a bit of Dominion and a LOT of Carcassonne, which now lives forever on my phone!

A large part of my Saturday was taken up by Nick Mamatas‘s “ideas” workshop.  He has a great mind for novelty and also shared his experience reading through Clarkesworld‘s slush pile.  I’ll be joining the slushy ranks this year on the WSFA Small Press Award, so maybe I’ll see the truth of some of his advice.

Oh, the winner of that award was Tansy Rayner Roberts for “The Patrician,” by the way.  I really enjoyed reading the story, so I’m glad it was honored thusly!

Overall the weekend was utterly exhausting.  I got next to no sleep approaching or during the con, so a lot of the time I was awake exclusively because of interesting subject matter.  I also met a ton of great people, one of whom joined me in a birthday/halloween surprise mob that we threw for a friend on Sunday.  Definitely a net positive experience. :)

I’m quite behind on everything it seems, so you’ll see another posting soon about a tiny publication that occurred last week.  I’m also trying to finish up my Masters thesis in the next couple months…which requires copious amounts of lab work, along with the actual writing.  Oh and that TAship that keeps me in food and web hosting takes a bit of my time too.  So, very busy…see you later!

4 thoughts on “Capclave 2012 Reflections

  1. I had a good time at this con. Because this is a smaller con than Philcon, Balticon, and Lunacon, I listened in on more literary panels than I usually do at the other three cons. I usually sit in on panels about space, science, and costuming at the other three cons.

    • Hey, welcome to the blog! And I have heard a lot about how this con is more low-energy and literary than other cons. I am planning to attend SOMETHING else before the next Capclave so I can have a frame of reference for those comments. Thus far I’m just a Capclave two-timer!

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