Synthetic Voices #9 – “Benjy” Fiction Reading

Here’s a bit of flash fiction that I wrote and read myself.  I’m not planning on making this podcast a self-promotion machine, but this story was just featured on another podcast and I thought I’d share it here as a little bonus.  Your regularly scheduled episode should go up soon after this one…

Written and Read by James Rogers
Previously featured on The Dribblecast

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Benjy (Full Text)

They say, “Don’t walk before you can crawl.” Apparently little Benjy never heard that particular expression, ’cause one day he hopped up and strolled right across the sittin’ room — skipped crawlin’ altogether!

Ma and I were a little taken aback, but it wasn’t until he started runnin’ that things got interestin’. He ran up and down the stairs and out into the yard. A vague notion crossed my mind, but by then it was too late. Benjy had spread his pudgy arms and taken off, soaring skyward. Our boy never learned to crawl, but I hope he can land.


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