Mar 08

February 2012 Audio Fiction Picks

News update! Just a small note before the list.  I’m considering turning this little review into a super short podcast.  Essentially I’d just go through each chosen story and say WHY I liked it or why I recommend it.  Not sure what level of spoileriness I’d want to have…might just be “you’ll like it because it has elements of this and a solid ending” instead of a detailed discussion.  Also, I might do a “enjoyed the least” pick for the month as well.  I welcome all your feedback in the comments or any other way you know how to reach me!


It’s that time again (read: I’ve finally found a spare moment in March), here are my top picks, in no particular order,  for podcasted audio fiction from February 2012.  For those new to the list, I focus on new (or reprinted) short fiction in the Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror genres.

“Kulturkampf” by Anatoly Belilovsky
Cast of Wonders Ep. 24
-I had the pleasure of reading an early draft of this story on, an online writing group.  This isn’t a normal podcast for me (it’s YA fiction), but I looked up the reading/performance of it because it’s a highly musically driven story.  It’s a WONDERFUL little piece of experimental/alternate reality fiction with some satisfyingly clever elements.  Also, it looks like Belilovsky changed the ending from the draft I read, as it’s much more satisfying at the end too. Continue reading

Mar 01

It Happened Again!

So just a quick update this time – though I have a fun new project to discuss in an upcoming post – I made it onto The Drabblecast again!  Woot.

Once, again, you can scroll to the end of the episode (about timecode 30:00) if you want to hear Norm’s awesome narration and background music, but I’ve posted my twabble (a 100-character, “twitter length” story) below:

“Even deep within his bunker, Paul felt each bomb add to the city’s devastation. He smiled and tore up 15 parking tickets. ”

If you get a chance, DO listen to this week’s main fiction the same episode.  It’s really a great story that explores an interesting microcosm…a very squishy one!

I used the creative enthusiasm from this micro-publication to write up a 100 word story (a drabble).  If it doesn’t find a home in a paying flash fiction market, I’ll see if The Drabblecast is interested…

[Drabblecast Cover by Bill Halliar]