Feb 17

Top SF Audio Fiction from January 2012

I particularly enjoyed these in January.  Frankly, I didn’t think this was a strong month for audio fiction, so I only listed 4.  I think February will be stonger (or it has been thus far, anyway).

Bears Discover Fire
The Drabblecast #230
-This will be familiar to many people, but it was my first experience with the story. Even if you’ve read it before, listening might be an interesting new way to experience the story!

The Five Elements of the Heart and Mind
Lightspeed Magazine for January
-Another Ken Liu story that I really enjoyed. It meshes space colonization, microbial flora, and romance into a nice bundle!

The Republic of the Southern Cross
Pseudopod #263
-Yes it’s a horror podcast, but in this case the story doesn’t really have any “scary” or “horrible” elements to it. The story is a speculative fiction short with hints of Jules Verne as humans colonize Antarctica. Let’s see what everybody thinks!

The Martian Chronicles (Parts 1-3)
StarShipSofa #220-222
-This is a great story by Cory Doctorow that IS very long, but definitely worth it. With a child-focused story (think Ender’s Game, not specifically YA), this tribute to Bradbury investigates an updated view of Martian colonization. If you’re only interested in the main fiction, just check the show notes for each episode for the time code to jump to.