Oct 16

“When You Find Your True Love…” Wins My 4th Twabble Competition

Not much new to say at this point.  Another win (under the forum username “loyaleagle”)!

If you read my blog semi-regularly, you’ve seen my braggy articles about The Drabblecast’s weekly twabble (100 characters exactly, not counting spaces) competitions.  If not, click the “Publication” tag for previous winning-twabble bragposts.

Here’s the story, for your “visual” enjoyment:

“I could feel her eyes on the back of my neck. Then I turned around and her green eyestalks adjusted, pushing into my chest.”

I titled the twabble “When You Find Your True Love…” because I had the song “Some Enchanted Evening” from South Pacific stuck in my head.  You know, eyes on the back of your neck…your love across a crowded room…anyway…

Many thanks to Norm over at The Drabblecast for continuously picking my entries.  They are a great way to keep my creative juices flowing without sucking valuable time from grad school.  I encourage everybody to try to craft their own weird twabble over at the appropriate Drabblecast forum thread.

[Episode art by Jacob Wayne Bryner]

Apr 18

“Thought Police” Wins My 3rd Twabble Competition

Hurray!  The latest episode of The Drabblecast features my Twabble (100 character story, not counting spaces) submission from the weekly contest on their forums.  This is my 3rd win!  My entry appears in the very end of the show (Timecode 43:00), but here’s a version your eyes can process:

“Heard you got pulled over by the thought police the other night.”
“Yeah I was thinking a mile a minute – in a school zone!”

I do LOVE a good joke/pun :-D  Don’t forget to check out the rest of the episode – there is a great main fiction this week!  Warning: The subject matter is a BIT odd/mature (on a weird fiction podcast, no WAY!), so make sure you’re old enough and mature enough, etc.

Ok, onwards and upwards.  I have two pieces of fiction out circulating among the various publication markets, so cross your fingers folks!

[Cover art by John Deberge]

Feb 14

I’m…published? Sort of!

So two writing-related bits of good news:

First off, I’m tallying up all of the Critters.org critiques (or “crits” as they are affectionately known) that I recieved for my latest science fiction short story manuscript.  For those who haven’t been subjected to my story, essentially it’s about “time travel without time travel” and it’s called “The Lost Month.”  This may be a working title, though, as one of the critiques pointed out that it doesn’t have a TON of substance on its own.  Anyway, entering all the suggestions into Word comments is taking quite a while (I received over 20 crits), so this next bit of news has given the next little jolt to keep things going!

As many of you know, I listen to a huge number of podcasts, many of them audio fiction podcasts.  One of them, The Drabblecast, purveyor of weird speculative fiction, has a weekly contest for best 100 character story (exactly 100, not counting spaces).  They call it a Twabble because it’s a Twitter-sized Drabble (a 100 WORD story, which they also feature weekly).

Anyway, I put one up on the forum and BAM, a couple weeks later, I got onto episode 232! Just click the link and then download to hear it read (timecode 20:00 if you don’t want to listen to the first two fiction pieces and their weird commentary).  OR just look below, I’ve copied it for your amusement:

“As I leaned in to kiss her moist, pink lips, I received a small electric shock! It must have been static from my PC monitor. ”

Yeah, it’s a little weird, but then, so is The Drabblecast.  I wanted to lead the reader one way and then whip him or her into a different perspective.  Either way, I’m just glad I got picked…maybe I’ll post more on the forum and on here in the coming months.

[Drabblecast Cover by Jerel Dye]

Jan 18

A Little Science (and Magic) Update

The Majestic Green Sea SlugAfter a few weeks back in the lab I seem to have little to show for it. My transgenic bacteria from last semester all seem to have succumbed to the cold, dry environment of our lab fridge so I’m starting somewhat from scratch at this point. I was able to save my original B. megaterium strain; though, so I haven’t been set back too far.  Also, I’m going to work on a new method for preserving my stocks in a colder freezer, so this lesson might have saved me from losing future (and more important) work.

On another science front, I used my time over winter break to write a few articles pertaining to science for my old friends over at GeeksAreSexy.net.  Here’s a list:

Some of the articles got rather nasty comments, so it wasn’t the greatest ego booster, but I think readers sometimes expect everything they see nowadays to become comprehensive and include every possible detail.  It seems like sometimes there’s no space between layman and expert anymore.

With more paid articles came more ways to promote my blog and my Twitter account.  For that reason I actually started POSTING again to said Twitter account.  Feel free to follow me if you aren’t already via the Twitter tab on the right.

Lastly, I haven’t mentioned the great art of magic on here in quite a while, but after a bit of a hiatus and a period of only doing the same tricks over and over, I have started working on some new material.  In fact, I recently started actively routining my effects to flow easily from one to another (less “what should we do next” in the future I hope).  The newest effect I’m working on at the moment is very challenging and requires a lot from me.  But I hope in a few weeks to be able to debut it for you all!

Thanks for reading my update.  The best way to follow my hijinks on the web is Twitter, as I’m always posting there and sometimes to Facebook.

Jul 22

Daily Update #13: EcoShield Slider for iPhone

Tried to make a much more decent update than the past few. A lot of stuff has happened in a week so I now have some things to talk about!

Reviewed the EcoShield Slider for iPhone from Agent 18

Got those darn articles written:
Science Is Sexy: What Exactly Is HIV?
How To Get Out of That Summer Funk