Nov 30

Why is there a Pop-up on Your Website, Jimmy?

You don’t see it yet, but on Dec. 3rd, a little pop-up window should activate from some code I’ve embedded in my blog.  This is correct and not a drill!

Member of The Internet Defense LeagueThere is an organization called The Internet Defense League (part of Fight for the Future) that has tried to establish an automated response system to major threats to internet rights, security, and privacy.  Those of you who remember the SOPA/PIPA craziness last year will have some idea how powerful users can be in stopping flagrant trampling of internet rights.  Whenever a major threat comes up, code installed in volunteer websites activates and shows a pop-up asking users to contact their representatives in government.

On Dec. 3rd, the IDL is planning to protest a UN action that would give a group called the International Telegraph Union a large amount of power to regulate the internet.  The IDL put together a video that describes the problem pretty well:

This is the first event to come up since I installed the IDL code on my website.  I hope it won’t be TOO disruptive, but it should be a little disruptive, since protesting and getting the word out are really the whole point.  Please let me know what you think in the comments to this thread.


Aug 14

Podcast Statistics: Six Months In

Keep an eye out for the exciting statistical bit later on in this article!

It’s been seven episodes and about six months since I started this whole crazy podcast machine.  Since then, Synthetic Voices has found a relatively stable format and I’ve learned an enormous amount about podcasting and producing.


We got a new logo, too, courtesy of Thomas Woldering.

There is also a Synthetic Voices-associated discussion of speculative audio fiction at half the Washington Science Fiction Association‘s bi-monthly meetings.  I am incredibly thankful to everybody who has taken the time to read/listen to my list and participate.  We now have a small group who listen to just about every story and a lot of new people listening to at least ONE story.  Having a real-world group to interact with has definitely given me the drive to get the podcast out ON TIME!

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Mar 15

John Carter vs. A Princess of Mars (Part I)

Before this month, I had never heard of Edgar Rice Burroughs.  It seems he was a pulpy writer from the Golden Age of SF.  He also invented that jungle vine-swinging hero, Tarzan.

Why do I bring him up?  Well it seems Disney has taken it upon themselves to make the first ever movie adaptation of A Princess of Mars, an epic fantasy novel set on a 1910’s to 1930’s era conception of Mars.  Despite credit as an inspiration for many alien monster-containing movies and TV shows, nobody has before taken the initiative to turn this adventure story into a big-screen feature.  The film is called, John Carter, named after the protagonist of the story.

Now as a newly initiated volunteer for LibriVox, the group dedicated to transliterating public domain works into audio format, it occured to me that this 1911 classic (likely in the public domain by now) had probably been recorded previously.  I looked around and found that it had!  In fact, it was done as a collaboration first, then handled by a solo reader after that (the link above is to the latter recordign).  I’ll be talking about LibriVox a little more in a future post.

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Mar 01

It Happened Again!

So just a quick update this time – though I have a fun new project to discuss in an upcoming post – I made it onto The Drabblecast again!  Woot.

Once, again, you can scroll to the end of the episode (about timecode 30:00) if you want to hear Norm’s awesome narration and background music, but I’ve posted my twabble (a 100-character, “twitter length” story) below:

“Even deep within his bunker, Paul felt each bomb add to the city’s devastation. He smiled and tore up 15 parking tickets. ”

If you get a chance, DO listen to this week’s main fiction the same episode.  It’s really a great story that explores an interesting microcosm…a very squishy one!

I used the creative enthusiasm from this micro-publication to write up a 100 word story (a drabble).  If it doesn’t find a home in a paying flash fiction market, I’ll see if The Drabblecast is interested…

[Drabblecast Cover by Bill Halliar]