May 08

Synthetic Voices #17 – April 2013 Top Picks

April was an interesting month for speculative fiction. Many of the stories came at me from unexpected angles, as did a few of the podcasts themselves!

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Apr 14

Join the Synthetic Voices Discussion Group on April 22nd!

Do you listen to Synthetic Voices or already have your own favorite list of speculative audio fiction podcasts?  Well, if you’re in the DC/MD/VA area, join us for our podcast discussion!

If you are on it, please RSVP on Facebook!

We’ll be discussing the 6 “Top Picks” from the Synthetic Voices podcast, plus anything else that comes up in the mix (other podcasts, favorite/recent audiobooks). Also, learn about other activities of the Washington Science Fiction Association (with which we are affiliated).

Here’s a link to the March 2013 podcast episode.

If you’re new, I recommend listening to at least 1 or 2 stories from the list, just so you’ll be able to contribute something. :-)

Meet us in the back room of Jason’s Deli in College Park (look for the Terp’s Lounge). And as Jason’s is our host, they’d love it if you grabbed your dinner there while we talk.

Here are all the vital details:
Monday, April 22, 2013
7:30pm to 10:00pm
At Jason’s Deli – 7356 Baltimore Ave, College Park, MD

Post any questions in the comments below or use the contact form.

Apr 10

Synthetic Voices #16 – March 2013 Top Picks

This was one of those wonderful, terrible months where there were simply too many good stories to choose from.  Buckle up!

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Mar 19

Writer, Podcaster, Gamer, “Con”er

A lot of hijinks have gone on since I last made a non-show notes post.  Here’s a quick recap of some of my activities on and offline.

First off, I’ve been writing again.  I’ve finally finished a solid draft of my cyberpunk/horror story and it is off in the queue at, the online speculative fiction writers workshop.

Unleash your inner Shakespeare at

I’m looking forward to the critiques on that, as I hope to enter it into the Baltimore Science Fiction Society (BSFS) Amateur Writing Competition!  It’s got a nice cash prize and the award is actually handed out at our own Capclave!  Right alongside our own WSFA Small Press Award, for which I am woefully behind on my committee readings/judgings (don’t worry, I’ll power through it in time).

Speaking of Capclave, don’t forget to buy your tickets for this Fall!  George R. R. Martin is our Guest of Honor, but even without his magnificense, I would expect Capclave to continue to be an awesome reader/writer-focused weekend.

Speaking of cons more soon to come…Balticon is coming up in May and I am prepared with my tickets and buddies to room with.  It’s my first non-Capclave con and I’m super excited about it!  Joe Haldeman is the Guest of Honor, so I guess I’d better get working on The Forever War before I attend…

pseudopodlogoBack to writing.  I’ve got a super short story submitted to Pseudopod’s 500 words or less competition.  The top winners will get purchased and read by Psuedopod proper!  It’s too late to submit your own work, but now you can help judge, voting on each block of 10 stories as they come out every 2 days.  We’ve been organizing little reading parties where I read them out and we all…enjoy the quality writing.  Occasionally there is a gem in there.  I’m pretty proud of my story, so I’m bracing myself for when the forum folk rip it to shreds!

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Mar 08

Synthetic Voices #15 – February 2013 Top Picks

Woweewow, I love February’s crop of Top Picks!  There is so much goodness I can hardly contain myself!  I think all tastes will be sated this month.

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