May 08

Star Trek Premier with the ThinkGeek Staff

[My longer review of Star Trek can be found at Geeks Are Sexy.]

Yesterday, ThinkGeek twittered that they were having a big company viewing of the new Star Trek movie today.  Not only that, but they had a few extra tickets and generously put them up for whoever wanted them first!  Well I tweeted my fastest to @thinkgeek and happily I grabbed one of them!

Long story short, today was awesome.  I got to the theater around 1pm and piled into to the stadium seating with all the other geeks there.  On my row were John Frazier (aka, Fraize), Hans, Carrie, and a bunch of other cool people.


That empty seat in the middle is mine…I was right in the thick of it.  All the red shirts are Star Trek “red shirts,” the ultimate symbol of expendability.  Fraize and the guy next to him were apparently the captain and Bones, respectively.  I also saw some Defcon and coding shirts in there too.  Personally I had on my Back to the Future shirt, which was the geekiest thing I had, but in the end it worked well with the movie (spoiler: it’s got time travel!).  [Another pic with me in it has since been posted…can you find me?]

I really enjoyed the new Star Trek.  I feel like it really breathed new life into the old franchise.  The casting was awesome for sure.  I was most surprised by Bones because he’s a kind of subtle character, in my opinion, but the guy playing him did a great job evoking McCoy’s spirit.

What did everybody else thing of the movie?

And thanks again to ThinkGeek for treating me!  Here’s their blog post about it.