Nov 11

Synthetic Voices #23 – October 2013 Top Picks

Leaves are rustling outside and the season it turning colder.  I always love this time of year, and it’s a great time for snuggling up with a podcasted story.  Here are some good ones to keep you going through the “dark half of the year.”

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Oct 14

Synthetic Voices #22 – September 2013 Top Picks

I had to wrestle long and hard over the Top Picks this month, so I hope they fit the bill.  You’ll probably notice a few markets on the list we don’t regularly feature, along with a few we often do.  And as always, the list is rather eclectic, with perhaps a slightly higher concentration of zombies…

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Sep 17

Synthetic Voices #21 – August 2013 Top Picks

The audio podcast portion of Synthetic Voices is back with a vengeance, delivering TONS of excellent fiction from August.

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Sep 03

Synthetic Voices #20 – July 2013 Top Picks

No podcasted episode this month due to my moving to a new apartment, but you can see the list below.  It’s an abbreviated list, as I just wanted to get the top picks out quickly, but overall, not the strongest month for podcasted fiction anyway.  There were a few interesting episodes I’m sorry to have excluded, but hopefully by now listeners will know how to seek out some solid fiction on their own…right?

I hope to have the August episode up sometime in early September (barring technical problems in my new abode).

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Jul 07

Synthetic Voices #19 – June 2013 Top Picks

This month’s Top Picks aren’t as apocalyptic or grisly as last month’s (at least I hope!), but there is an air of unnerving, intellectual horror to them.  Not to say that the stories are all horror, but they will hopefully give you pause…make you think…

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