Monthly Podcast Discussion

For the moment, the podcast discussions are discontinued until further notice.

Want more from your Synthetic Voices experience?  Join our monthly podcast discussion!

Each month (dates announced in each podcast episode, typically Mondays later in the month) from 7:30pm-10pm we gather at the La Madeleine in Bethesda, Maryland (Directions).  The food is good, the people lively, and we always have a fabulous time!

In a private back room called “The Library,” we discuss all of the Top Picks and as many of the featured stories from the rest of the podcast as we can get to.

The location is metro accessible (Bethesda Station) and has a mixture of free and metered parking nearby.  New podcast fans are absolutely welcome, no need to call ahead.  We’ll be there rain or shine!

Oh and be sure to check our Facebook page periodically for occasional updates about dates and special events.

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