Science IS Sexy! [GAS]

the-pen-is-mightierRecently I figured out that while I may not be an expert on anything in particular, I AM more knowledgeable about science than most of the people out there on the internet.  This is only because I’ve studied the subject and they have, presumably, studied something else.

For this reason, the idea of writing science articles occurred to me and Yan over at (or [GAS] as he calls it) has been gracious enough to let me try my hand at it.  Thus far I am calling the column “Science is Sexy” as a play on the site’s name.  The response has been very warm for the most part and some of the articles have garnered great interest and praise from the readers.

Here are the first three that I have gotten from brain to keyboard to blog:

The last one was kind of a challenge because I’m really no physicist.  For the moment I may stick with either general science or bioscience topics.  If you have any requests I’d love to hear them (though I can’t promise anything…my knowledge is more limited than people expect).

[“I tend to scribble a lot” from Unhindered by Talent on Flickr, CC]

2 thoughts on “Science IS Sexy! [GAS]

  1. Hey Jimmy! I just wanted to say that I think the new series is fantastic. :) Also, congrats on starting grad school – I’m starting toward a PhD in the fall as well. (I know, I may as well hang up my “professional student” plaque right next to the three degrees I already have.)

  2. Thanks Casey! Wow, 3 degrees? That’s crazy! Well hopefully you’ll one day find a job for all those wall-mounted terrors :P

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