A Delayed SV Update and Capclave 2012 Info

Hello all!  It’s the first of August and I wanted to share a couple things:

First of all, the Synthetic Voices episode this month might be a tad delayed.  I kind of got sucked into The Dresden Files audiobooks and they have been dramatically cutting down on my short story-listening time. Who knew this kind of thing required discipline???  Never fear, I’ll try to get the episode up in time for the 2nd Friday of this month, so the 10th…ish.  Oh and for the record, The Dresden Files are awesome, if a bit formulaic.  Better than the show, if you enjoyed that!

Next, I wanted to put in a plug for Capclave 2012, since they are, in-turn, doing me a solid.  Capclave is a yearly con (conference/weekend/thing) that celebrates all things speculative and literary.  If you enjoy the kinds of works I review on Synthetic Voices, and especially if you want to write those kinds of works, it’s a great event for you!  It is put on by the Washington Science Fiction Association, and details are available at Capclave.org.

Details are still assembling, but the dates are October 12th-14th at the Gaithersburg Hilton, in Maryland.  Prices are in the $55 range at the moment (they go up as we get closer to the event), BUT students get a nice $20-25 price, so those in school have no excuse not to go!

This year’s guests of honor are John Scalzi and Nick Mamatas.  On top of that, there are three *tentative* (as in, it’s only official once it’s on the Capclave programming page, if not, then it was eaten by a unicorn) panels/roundtables I’m excited about. We are going to try and do a panel of SF people who run podcasts, we are planning a live discussion of September’s Synthetic Voices picks, and we may do a little roundtable for writers who have a little plot hole they just can’t fill.  If all goes well, I’ll be helping with one or more of these.  Again, tentative, but if any of them go through, I’ll be excited for them.

As more info about Capclave and my potential roles in it, I’ll update you here!

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