Synthetic Voices Episode #4 – “The Beasts in the Void” Fiction Reading

This is a special episode containing some golden age science fiction read by yours truly. Personally I love old pulpy fiction stories and there is an absolute TROVE of them over at Project Gutenburg, which collects literature that has fallen into the public domain. I plan to supplement the regular fiction suggestions with these little audio tidbits, read by either me or another Librivox volunteer.

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This month’s story is “The Beasts in the Void” by Paul W. Fairman (Gutenburg Link). It was first featured in Imagination Science Fiction in April of 1956.

W. E. Terry’s wonderful illustration:

This story first attracted my attention, as I was drudging through the Project Gutenburg SF archives. The initial discription of big game on a spaceship just screams mid-20th century pulp.

I won’t defend some elements of “The Beasts in the Void.” The treatment of women is a bit behind our modern view and I always find implied deism a bit off-putting. At least when no idealogical background has been provided for the main character. That said, as “locked in a tin can hurtling through space” stories go, this one was pretty interesting and I enjoyed the mix of abrasive personalities and blinking space clouds that make animals.

For more info on, check out one of my recent articles.

Hope you enjoyed our first fiction offering!


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