“The Swap Last Fall” Published by The Drabblecast

I got some exciting news last night!  Norm Sherman over at The Drabblecast asked if he could use a 100 word story (aka, a “drabble”) on this week’s show.  It seems my little bit of flash fiction fit nicely with the other featured story’s theme.  Norm did a great job reading it too.  Check out both my drabble and the doppleganger-centered main fiction on this week’s episode (#243, timecode 00:27)!

While flash fiction doesn’t usually mean much in the wider world of fiction, this is a pretty big step for me personally.  I’ve had several of my pieces chosen for The Drabblecast‘s 100 character “Twabble” competition, but this time I’ve graduated to a full-length Drabble.  I write longer pieces as well and send them out to the various publication markets, but so for no luck.  These little achievements help me keep motivated as I try to break into longer fiction formats.

For those with no ears, here’s a text copy of story:

“The Swap Last Fall”
by James Rogers

Do you remember that huge storm we had here last fall? Most people were huddled up in their homes, but Phil and I were drunk and wading about in the town fountain like idiots. Some kind of man vs. nature crap, I guess.

I don’t think either of us saw the lightning bolt strike, but I still remember how it crackled between my fingertips.

When I woke up, I was in Phil’s body and I think Phil was in mine. He was also dead. I’ve never told anyone about this before, not even my wife — certainly not Phil’s wife.

[Cover art by Richard K. Green]

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