Finally Finally Done! [Final Exams]

One down...Today I took the last of my dreaded senior year exams.  My last “real” exam, Ecology, was yesterday, but today, with the completion of my IT 103 exam, I’m no longer under any academic tether of George Mason University.

That being said, I don’t feel any different than before.  Maybe the stress is gone, but I’m still going to UMD in the fall and I’m still going home for part of the summer.  I’m hoping that graduation exercises will really help me realize where I’ve gotten in my life.  Yes, I’m one of those people who benefits from those sorts of pomps and circumnstances.  Plus our commencement speaker is one of the co-founders of AOL I think.

Anyway, be on the lookout for lots of great graduation pictures…if I can remember to bring my camera!

[Image created by Jimmy Rogers, constructed from GMU’s Logo and a checkmark]

2 thoughts on “Finally Finally Done! [Final Exams]

  1. It wasn’t too bad…I suggest reviewing the sample exams as many times as they let you…I didn’t do that and feel I would have fared better if I had.

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