My Thoughts on iPhone 4

Today, I want to share my enthusiasm for the new iPhone.  I don’t think it’s as revolutionary as the original device (despite Apple’s claims), but I definitely it allows the iPhone and its platform to move to the next level.  The details and specs are all described well by Engadget, so I’ll leave you to read up on them if you want that level of knowledge.  Here are the highlights though:

The phone has a new shape. With square sides and its antennas wrapped around its edge, it is the first significant form-factor change we’ve seen in a while.  Also, both sides are made of a super-hard glass that is (as always) resistant to scratches.

The screen is SUPER high quality and has a level of detail above that which can be recognized by the human eye.  Essentially they claim to be approaching the appearance of “ink” instead of “dots.”  For me, this is definitely one of the most impressive feats, as picture quality is becoming much more important in this generation of smartphones.  I’ll have to see it in person to really know if it’s better, but first-hand accounts seem to generally support Apple’s claim.

The iPhone now has TWO, count um TWO, cameras. One on the face, one on the back.  This was expected based on leaks and such, but even so, it’s a big step for Apple’s golden device.  The video chat/video call function doesn’t really exist outside of Skype and enterprise users, so it’s fairly uncharted waters.  Personally I expect very slow adoption of video calling, primarily because people are so used to doing other things while talking on the phone.  You can’t really carry out a video chat while grabbing your groceries or doing household chores.  Even so, much like the iPad, maybe people will find a place for it in their lives.

I don’t really need a new iPhone at the moment, as I have the 3GS and that is getting a lot of the new software perks for FREE, but if I DID I’d definitely pick the iPhone 4 over any Android out there at the moment (even though The Incredible is very compelling).

[iPhone image from The Guardian’s PDA Blog]

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