Daily Update #7: Webcam Field Trip!

Today was the first Daily Update field trip! My backyard hosted the show and added some color to the backdrop!

Two New Freelance Posts:
I’m Sure Glad They Were Wrong: Future Fashions from the Past
Scientists Develop Incredible “X-Ray Vision” Microscope

Currently Reading:
The Diamond Age

Any suggestions for webcam software?

One thought on “Daily Update #7: Webcam Field Trip!

  1. Hi, Jimmy – Just discovered your blog (via task.fm somehow). Your request re a webcam made me think not of a webcam but of the Flip camera (~ $150) which I’ve just begun using. You may know about it already? Using it involves only one more step – plugging it into your computer when you want to load the film but it gives you lots of the options you noted. Only holds about an hour of filming but its wonderfully portable. I’m taking it kayaking with me today :)
    Thanks for the blog … all your thoughts on books and movies and more are really interesting (and helpful).

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