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Task.fmAs most of you who know me are already aware, blogging is really a hobby for me.  While I make money at it, the time I spend preparing for articles is probably time I would spend doing something similar if I wasn’t being paid.  That being said, I love to take on new “gigs” and try to both broaden the breadth of my writing and enhance my abilities.

I’m glad to say that‘s “Task Blog” has taken me on as their first freelancer.  If you’re not familiar with (run by @feint), that’s somewhat understandable as they only launched in April.  That being said, they are a neat little web service that will help you keep track of your daily tasks with email, SMS, and voice reminders (yep, it’ll call you right up!).  You might remember a similar site I blogged about called IWantSandy, but as they were acquired (read: dismantled) by Twitter a while back, I’m making room in my heart for

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Once their service has gotten a little more “mature” (there’s a lot they have planned in the near future, including pro accounts) I’ll probably talk more about them, but for now I’m going to focus on making their product blog into…more than just a product blog.  They’ve hired me to share some “getting things done” strategies and other lifehacks.  I think this is a great ideas, because who needs another product blog that’s just a list of service updates?

Follow @taskfm if you want to hear about their latest developments. If you want to catch a glimpse of my first article on the Task Blog…you’ll find it here!

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