Amazing Animated Miniature: A Day At The Ocean

You absolutely must see this video.  The detail of this bird’s eye view model is unbelivable.  I wonder if it was as hard to make as it looks.

The animation (Bathtub IV) was created as part of a project called Little Sydney by artist Keith Loutit.

When I first saw this it took me a moment to take in the intricate details of the beach scene.  The effect of the water on the tiny people was something I’d never seen before.  I’m glad Loutit made it more than a day on the beach and turned it into an exciting story!

Edit: Oh see the comments for corrections and such :P

[via @EpicFu on Twitter]

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  1. Interesting to know. Then again, if that’s the case did he mock up the guy falling into the water or did he catch it live?…or is it a model and you’re crazy :P

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