An SFFaudio Podcast Discussion about Podcasts!

mza_6041541707438196055.170x170-75This Sunday I was privileged to sit in on an interesting roundtable discussion about podcasts with the SFFaudio crew!

If you don’t know, SFFaudio is a blog and podcast dedicated to all types of audio fiction, especially classic speculative fiction.  I’ve featured them a few times on Synthetic Voices.

Anyway, it was a great time, bouncing ideas back and forth about podcasts, what “mainstream” means, and how people listen to podcasts these days.  Plus, there were many interesting shows mentioned, so keep an ear out and your copy of iTunes handy for quick subscription!

It’s long, about 2 hours, but that’s how they roll over there, so I say more power to them!  Thanks again to Jesse for inviting me over. :-)

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