Graduation Finally Arrives

mom-and-jimmyThe last semester has been rough in more ways than one, but this weekend, it all came to an end! My courses are all over and my exams are finished. I’m done with Alpha Phi Omega and the American Society for Microbiology, the two organizations I put the most time into while at GMU. The last several days have been dedicated to that completion and also to the conferral of my Bachelor of Science degree in Biology. I concentrated in Microbiology.

It was strange saying goodbye for the last time to many friends who are either going off into the working world or moving to other states for graduate school. I for one am a bit relieved, not to lose friends, but to have a chance at a fresh start and a new opportunity to present myself. I feel like I’ve changed a lot since freshman year and am trying my hardest to “cast aside childish ways,” etc.

Activities this long weekend included ceremonies for the Honors Program in General Education (essentially my gen-eds), the Biology Department, College of Science Convocation, and finally, University Commencement. I heard numerous speeches, several by our University President, Alan G. Merten, as well as those by Steve Case of AOL and Professor Bakash from my new Alma Mater.

Interwoven with my graduation exercises, my mom graduated from VCU’s School of Nursing! We drove down to her convocation after mine and then back up to Fairfax for my Commencement. All in all it was a great experience, but by the end of it I had no more energy at all. When I got home after move-out, I immediately slept for 3 hours.

Here are the pictures some of you have been DYING to get your hands on!  If I get more I’ll add them to the album.

I’ve put together a little slideshow for your enjoyment:

Wish my mom and I luck on our post-graduate futures! Hopefully everything will be smooth sailing from here on out! ;)

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