Podcast Statistics: Six Months In

Keep an eye out for the exciting statistical bit later on in this article!

It’s been seven episodes and about six months since I started this whole crazy podcast machine.  Since then, Synthetic Voices has found a relatively stable format and I’ve learned an enormous amount about podcasting and producing.


We got a new logo, too, courtesy of Thomas Woldering.

There is also a Synthetic Voices-associated discussion of speculative audio fiction at half the Washington Science Fiction Association‘s bi-monthly meetings.  I am incredibly thankful to everybody who has taken the time to read/listen to my list and participate.  We now have a small group who listen to just about every story and a lot of new people listening to at least ONE story.  Having a real-world group to interact with has definitely given me the drive to get the podcast out ON TIME!

Here’s the exciting bit!

It’s been about 24 hours since I “dropped” the latest episode, #7.  According to my tracking service, blubrry, there have been 27 downloads.  35% of the listens/downloads/streams have been directly from an iPhone and 25% use a podcatcher like iTunes or PodTrapper.  27 may not seem like a lot of downloads, but I remember the days of only three downloads in the first week — and when I knew each and every one of those hits was ME.

I should mention that in exactly 30 days of availability, episode #6 had ~73 downloads.  This really blows my mind.  I know several WSFAns download the show, but it’s exciting to think that people outside the little discussion group at least know about the show and maybe get something out of it!

How many of these hits are internet phantoms and bots?  How many people download the show and never listen?  These are questions asked by other people.  I’m just looking forward to our first show with 100 downloads in the first month (episode #3 has a lifetime of >100 already).  I’ll wager we make that goal in the next three months!

So, have you downloaded the latest Synthetic Voices?  If so, I strongly recommend listening to it!  Already done that?  I’d really appreciate a mention in your own group of speculative fiction friends.  I tailored the show to help new people discover great audio fiction, so think of it as free content to share with newbie readers, writers, and fans.  Podcast veterans may find the odd gem in there, too!

I have a few new ideas for future episodes (more feature fiction, for one), but at this point I’ll be happy to keep the level of audio and content quality on a stead upward trajectory.  Happy listening!

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