Apr 21

The Fate of Synthetic Voices

Hello faithful listeners!  It is I, your reclusive host who has been kind of radio silent these last few weeks.  What has happened to the podcast?  Why the lull in episodes?

To tell you the truth…I simply don’t have the time.  My work life has gone from unemployed, to underemployed, to part-time, to, now, full-time and busy!  Plus, other things going on in my life (mostly good) have been taking up more and more of my time as well.

Any of my friends in podcasting know that writing and recording episodes takes TONS of time, preferably too much of it.  I don’t really see those days returning any time soon and while I really don’t want to abandon the project I’ve put so much effort into over the last two years…I don’t have a choice.

So, Synthetic Voices is going on the shelf.  The episodes will still live on in iTunes and other places, the show notes will also stay on the site.  Some day I may find that precious time and pick the thing back up again, or perhaps morph it into something else entirely.

Until then…I hope to see locals at Balticon and Capclave as usual.  Thanks to all those who came out to the podcast discussions, even as they became more and more infrequent, you guys are rockstars!  And thanks so much to Tony and the StarShipSofa gang, who really helped my show go from unknown to semi-known.  Tony is another guy doing this for the love, and he always amazes me that he’s kept up that gig for so long.

Farewell for now!