Dec 11

Giant Microbes: A Great Holiday Gift for the Microbiologist in Your Life!

If you’ve wandered near a microbiology/cell biology lab recently, or maybe even a grad student’s apartment, you might have noticed some fluffy-looking microbial denizens.  They’re called Giant Microbes and they have been multiplying for years!

I’ve been collecting these things since undergrad.  Sometimes I’ll add them on to an order at ThinkGeek, or I’ll get them as gifts from friends and family.  At current count, I have eight – enough to fill a box with squishy, lovable, deadly diseases.

So why bring them up now?  Well there are some new Giant Microbes that have just come out and the company was nice enough to send me a few to review. Continue reading

Dec 02

Synthetic Voices #12 – November 2012 Top Picks

November was another fantastic month!  Even the more unreliable markets were on their game.  I hope you enjoy my eclectic Top Picks this time around, plus a few juicy feature sections!

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