Apr 18

“Thought Police” Wins My 3rd Twabble Competition

Hurray!  The latest episode of The Drabblecast features my Twabble (100 character story, not counting spaces) submission from the weekly contest on their forums.  This is my 3rd win!  My entry appears in the very end of the show (Timecode 43:00), but here’s a version your eyes can process:

“Heard you got pulled over by the thought police the other night.”
“Yeah I was thinking a mile a minute – in a school zone!”

I do LOVE a good joke/pun :-D  Don’t forget to check out the rest of the episode – there is a great main fiction this week!  Warning: The subject matter is a BIT odd/mature (on a weird fiction podcast, no WAY!), so make sure you’re old enough and mature enough, etc.

Ok, onwards and upwards.  I have two pieces of fiction out circulating among the various publication markets, so cross your fingers folks!

[Cover art by John Deberge]

Apr 01

Synthetic Voices Episode #2 – Selections from March 2012

March was kind of a mixed bag for me.  I actually stopped in the middle of a few stories, which I rarely do even once most months.  That said, I still found a number of stories that I’m sure will light up those creative parts of your brain.  Plus there’s alien monkeys and an old-timey rocket story.  Enjoy!

Take a listen to the episode here:

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