Feb 17

Top SF Audio Fiction from January 2012

I particularly enjoyed these in January.  Frankly, I didn’t think this was a strong month for audio fiction, so I only listed 4.  I think February will be stonger (or it has been thus far, anyway).

Bears Discover Fire
The Drabblecast #230
-This will be familiar to many people, but it was my first experience with the story. Even if you’ve read it before, listening might be an interesting new way to experience the story!

The Five Elements of the Heart and Mind
Lightspeed Magazine for January
-Another Ken Liu story that I really enjoyed. It meshes space colonization, microbial flora, and romance into a nice bundle!

The Republic of the Southern Cross
Pseudopod #263
-Yes it’s a horror podcast, but in this case the story doesn’t really have any “scary” or “horrible” elements to it. The story is a speculative fiction short with hints of Jules Verne as humans colonize Antarctica. Let’s see what everybody thinks!

The Martian Chronicles (Parts 1-3)
StarShipSofa #220-222
-This is a great story by Cory Doctorow that IS very long, but definitely worth it. With a child-focused story (think Ender’s Game, not specifically YA), this tribute to Bradbury investigates an updated view of Martian colonization. If you’re only interested in the main fiction, just check the show notes for each episode for the time code to jump to.

Feb 14

I’m…published? Sort of!

So two writing-related bits of good news:

First off, I’m tallying up all of the Critters.org critiques (or “crits” as they are affectionately known) that I recieved for my latest science fiction short story manuscript.  For those who haven’t been subjected to my story, essentially it’s about “time travel without time travel” and it’s called “The Lost Month.”  This may be a working title, though, as one of the critiques pointed out that it doesn’t have a TON of substance on its own.  Anyway, entering all the suggestions into Word comments is taking quite a while (I received over 20 crits), so this next bit of news has given the next little jolt to keep things going!

As many of you know, I listen to a huge number of podcasts, many of them audio fiction podcasts.  One of them, The Drabblecast, purveyor of weird speculative fiction, has a weekly contest for best 100 character story (exactly 100, not counting spaces).  They call it a Twabble because it’s a Twitter-sized Drabble (a 100 WORD story, which they also feature weekly).

Anyway, I put one up on the forum and BAM, a couple weeks later, I got onto episode 232! Just click the link and then download to hear it read (timecode 20:00 if you don’t want to listen to the first two fiction pieces and their weird commentary).  OR just look below, I’ve copied it for your amusement:

“As I leaned in to kiss her moist, pink lips, I received a small electric shock! It must have been static from my PC monitor. ”

Yeah, it’s a little weird, but then, so is The Drabblecast.  I wanted to lead the reader one way and then whip him or her into a different perspective.  Either way, I’m just glad I got picked…maybe I’ll post more on the forum and on here in the coming months.

[Drabblecast Cover by Jerel Dye]

Feb 14

We’re back in business!

Just an update, the site was down for about a week while I changed over to a new host. Now things are back up again.

I will mention that MOST previous posts with images now have broken links.  Sadly… Haha! After an OBSURD amount of fighting with the file I made to archive the site – it caused an error when I tried to unpack it, so I had to use some freeware from 2001 to unpack it properly – I got ALL of the images back for all of the old posts!  *takes a bow*

Oh and there’s a new theme in town.  Aside from some formatting weirdness in older posts, what do you all think?  Make a comment below, if you please!

-Your Webmaster In Chief (Jimmy)