Aug 06

It’s Been a Long Hot Summer

Good day everyone and welcome back to my blog.  I’m sure you’ve been wondering “where’s Jimmy gone?” That is, unless you’re one of the many people who sees me on a regular basis…

In any event, I am not a summer person.  Summer has the effect of really slowing me down…too hot to work out, too hot even do much thinking, so I mostly have just been sitting on my duff.  All that said, I still got a few things done recently.

First of all, I HAVE actually gotten some blogging done.  I’m still writing a few articles a month for Bright Hub.  I have never really enjoyed “SEO baiting” types of assignments, but I think Bright Hub has set it up so the experience feels less like selling out and more like a network for answering questions that people may Google.

My writing for Geeks Are Sexy has decrease a bit (I think it’s just cyclical…sometimes it’s nice to take a little break), but I also got one story out for them as well.  I tend to write in order to AVOID work, so when I have little to do, I tend to slack off on blogging itself.  Hopefully once I’m nice and busy again, the freelancing will be a nice little diversion.

Here’s the latest:

For the most part, the rest of my time has been spent puttering about in the lab.  Working in a lab over the summer can be tough because sometimes your experiments kind of hit a wall and you can’t figure out how to move forward.  I’ve spent a lot of time reading protocols or trying to make found protocols work in real life.  Thus far about half of the stuff I’ve tried has worked and the others just give me nothing!

The semester (and my move into new housing) is fast approaching though, so I should be neck-deep in new responsibilities fairly soon.  I’m ready for summer to be over and for autumn to rush in and take its place!

Aug 05

A Trip to Harpers Ferry

At the beginning of the summer, before it got hot, I actually went camping.  Well, it was still hot, but not like the 100+ degree heat we’ve been having in the mid-Atlantic recently.

I went to Harpers Ferry, WV and it was quite  a trip.  The town of Harpers Ferry is very nice.  Little shops and restaurants share the hillside real estate and look down on tubers who float down the Potomac (many of them a tad intoxicated.

One of the neat things about Harpers Ferry is that it’s the corner of three states: Virginia, Maryland, and West Virginia.  It’s pretty much impossible not to cross state lines every day you stay there.  Another line involved is the Appalachian Trail.  Harpers Ferry is considered the “spiritual half-way point” on the AT and I think it would be a fantastic little place to take respite from the trail.  Here’s an interesting sign you don’t see every day!

We took a walk across the river at one point, a walk that parallels the old train tracks that still run by the once-thriving trade town.  They had to make a hole in the mountain to get the trains where they needed to go.

At the end of a long day at Harpers Ferry, its good to get a scoop or two at Scoops Ice Cream Café.  They have a TON of great frozen treats and even offer a discount for Boy and Girl Scouts!  I tried to claim the discount but the lady said I was too old!

The weekend went pretty well overall.  The camping part was a hassle and the decision to rent a site near the water was a mistake of bugtastic proportions, but at least I got to pitch my tent for the first time in years!