Mar 03

A Day in My Life: Yesterday

Here’s a look at my usual schedule during the busy times of grad school:

Awake repeatedly to multiple alarms (needed from lack of sleep).

Leave for school

Begin prep for the lab I TA (Microbiology)

Teach the lab and handle the 20 things that will unexpectedly go wrong

Grab some lunch at the food court (while tasty and filling, not too nutritious)

Work in the lab doing a number of protocols including enzyme digests, PCR, bacterial cell culture, and numerous gels (did most of those)

Chat with other grads waiting for class to start

Take graduate Genetics (looking at gene expression in detail)

Head home in medium traffic on Rt. 1

The rest of my evening involves a combination of dinner, grading papers/project/exams, reading several journal articles (avg. length 10 pages), and diverting myself with Hulu.  It should be noted that Twitter and podcasts permeate the whole day.

At about midnight (hopefully) I get to bed and wake up around 6am for the first time, clocking in about 5 hours of total sleep…starting the whole saga over again.

Overall, a very stressful way to be…part teacher, part student, part experimental scientist.  At least it’s never the same two days in a row!