Feb 28

I’m Internet Famous! – An Interview with Discovery News

feedbagLogoWowee I have been so super busy since my last update. More details on that in a bit, but first I have a neat announcement!

A couple weeks ago it my editor over at GeeksAreSexy.net (for whom I freelance occasionally) asked me if I wanted to do an interview with Discovery.   I was surprised at first that they would even know we existed, but it turns out that all of our sciencey stories over the last year have come to the attention of one of their podcasts.

The Discovery News Friday Feedbag podcast takes a few science stories each week and discusses them in a casual atmosphere.  They have a growing listener base and one of those loyal listeners forwarded our site to them.  Last Thursday (after quite a bit of planning and then snow and then more planning) I chatted with them via telephone on the show.  It was an incredibly fun experience and I’m glad that new media gives me a chance to share it with all of YOU.

Here’s the link to the podcast’s episode page….or if you don’t want to subscribe on iTunes, copy the link below into your browser URL bar to get the MP3 file. I’m about 1 minute into the file.

Also here’s our announcement about it on GeeksAreSexy.

Aside from being famous on the internet I’ve mostly been hard at work in grad school.  I have gotten a little closer to understanding my research project and ran my first successful PCR (which I got right on the first try).  If you don’t know what that is, just think of it as a complex chemical reaction which occasionally decides it’s not going to work at all!

Classes have been pretty interesting this semester, as they are significantly more microbially centered.  I’m really enjoying Microbial Pathogenesis, despite it’s 8AM meeting time.

On Friday I saw a talk by Dr. Robert Gallo, co-discoverer of HIV.  While I already knew the story of the virus pretty well, I was impressed by how amusing some of his personal stories were.

Lastly I’ve been helping out with new grad student recruitment and look forward to meeting the second batch of applicants next week.