Jan 18

A Little Science (and Magic) Update

The Majestic Green Sea SlugAfter a few weeks back in the lab I seem to have little to show for it. My transgenic bacteria from last semester all seem to have succumbed to the cold, dry environment of our lab fridge so I’m starting somewhat from scratch at this point. I was able to save my original B. megaterium strain; though, so I haven’t been set back too far.  Also, I’m going to work on a new method for preserving my stocks in a colder freezer, so this lesson might have saved me from losing future (and more important) work.

On another science front, I used my time over winter break to write a few articles pertaining to science for my old friends over at GeeksAreSexy.net.  Here’s a list:

Some of the articles got rather nasty comments, so it wasn’t the greatest ego booster, but I think readers sometimes expect everything they see nowadays to become comprehensive and include every possible detail.  It seems like sometimes there’s no space between layman and expert anymore.

With more paid articles came more ways to promote my blog and my Twitter account.  For that reason I actually started POSTING again to said Twitter account.  Feel free to follow me if you aren’t already via the Twitter tab on the right.

Lastly, I haven’t mentioned the great art of magic on here in quite a while, but after a bit of a hiatus and a period of only doing the same tricks over and over, I have started working on some new material.  In fact, I recently started actively routining my effects to flow easily from one to another (less “what should we do next” in the future I hope).  The newest effect I’m working on at the moment is very challenging and requires a lot from me.  But I hope in a few weeks to be able to debut it for you all!

Thanks for reading my update.  The best way to follow my hijinks on the web is Twitter, as I’m always posting there and sometimes to Facebook.

Jan 12

Welcome Back Epic Fu! (…on Jan 21st)

pwningsince06If you see me wearing my tacky internet-related shirts here and there, you might have seen a green one with “Epic Fu” on the front and wondered what that was.  Well it’s one of my favorite podcasts and after being acquired by Revision3, they looked like they were on the fast track to internet fame.  Unfortunately Rev3 got into some financial trouble (like all businesses did at the time) shortly there after and Epic Fu was cut from the line-up.

Well after a fairly long hiatus, “the Fu” looks like it’s back on track, with two new episodes just released on their feed.  Here’s a look at their “we’re back” posting!

Want to support the show?  Get a cool shirt like me at their rockin store!

Jan 08

My Buckyball Creation

For Xmas I got a supercool geek toy, Buckyballs.  Along with everybody else on the internets, here’s what I have decided to build with mine!

Buckyball Art

Yep, that IS a pyramid holding up a perfect sphere.  And yes, that is a cute picture of my old dog in the background.

Jan 04

An Account of a Crazy Dream

Ok, time for a random tangent. I don’t really know how many readers I have but if you do look me up from time to time, feel free to comment on this post.  Also, if you get bored with this rambling dream, skip to the bottom…I won’t mind!

I had a crazy dream last night which I figure would be entertaining to describe.  Essentially it was a full-length horror movie (of the “teens in a small town” genre).  Not only that, but the dream-movie was followed directly by what I would envision as the sequel to such a film!

The movie started out with the main character (played by yours truly) in a relatively tucked-away town, going about his high school career.  This being a town where everyone knows everyone else, the dream made little work of introducing characters and instead just kind of invented them as I went along (somehow this made perfect sense…new characters were often my best buds from years back).


Everything seemed to be going well until a strange legend began to come true once more…an eerie old mansion on the hill seemed to be the epicenter of the strange occurrences.  Two middle-aged and slightly faded looking women roamed the town, doing strange things and mostly luring girls into some kind of mysterious activity.  Also there were “scenes” showing to ghostly gentlemen in the house, plotting the return of something big.

Finally everything is blow off the hinges with the revelation of a plot to change the town’s youth into more sinister beings (something clear in the dream, but never really explicitly explained).  Our hero manages to avoid falling into the transformation and eventually chases the evil men (the evil women kind of disappeared with no explanation from the story) from the town.

Then, believe it or not…the story kind of pauses for a time lapse, then continues with a sort of sequel.  As it turns out, I, the protagonist, secretly do want to become one of these twisted children, so I meet with one of my friends who had been “turned” and the inner desire is released, making me one of these creatures.


The rest of the “movie” essentially takes the opposite point of view as the first movie, in that I am now on the side of the “evil” ones, but I am still skeptical of the two ghostly gentlemen (who have returned at this point to direct things).  There is some push-back from the town and some mob-ish violence…and then everything just kind of gets resolved some how, as is the way of most dreams.

All-in-all it was a very bizarre dream.  Not only did it have a great deal of cohesion as a story, but I also remembered almost the entire thing.  Maybe I’ve been watching too many vampire movies/shows recently.  It also did seem to have the same color palate as Bioshock…go figure!

So tell me…have you ever had a strange dream?  They could be strange because of the subject matter, or just strange because of the intense detail.  Let me know!

[Nowhere and Students from XKCD]