Jun 01

My First “Real” Rented Room…Involves Pirates

pirate-doorHave you been seeing tweets on my feed mentioning random housing decisions and pirates? Well here’s the explanation, now that everything is mostly settled.

My program hadn’t sent me any info about housing yet, so a couple weeks ago I contacted the director and he sent me through to a friendly grad student.  While chatting with her about housing local to the University of Maryland, she revealed that her house in one of the suburbs had a free room that they needed to fill.  I hadn’t thought of doing a room in a house because I didn’t want to deal with a family or anything, but this house was all grad students.  In fact, she and another guy were both in my program so it would be an added benefit if I met roomed there (since I’m brand new).

As she sent me info about the place it sounded better and better.  They have a reasonably large house…nice kitchen…ample storage…and…A PIRATE-THEMED BASEMENT!  If the description doesn’t make any sense, the pics should help (click to enlarge).


In any event today I went up to MD and took a look around the place.  I was really impressed with the house, excited by the party room, and actually got along really well with the current residents.  For that reason I’ve deceided to sign the lease!  Yay!