Feb 19

Synthetic Voices #26 – January 2014 Top Picks

A shorter episode this month as we move to our new, shorter format.  Hopefully this will mean quicker turnarounds from one month to the next in the future. :-)

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Jan 30

Synthetic Voices #24 – November 2013 Top Picks

November was an odd month.  Lots of humor mixed with lots of classics.  But you’ll find a few serious tales in there too.  So kick back and get ready for some stories that will make your commute or workout a tad more engaging.

Find the episode for this one on the December show notes!

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Nov 11

Synthetic Voices #23 – October 2013 Top Picks

Leaves are rustling outside and the season it turning colder.  I always love this time of year, and it’s a great time for snuggling up with a podcasted story.  Here are some good ones to keep you going through the “dark half of the year.”

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Oct 14

Synthetic Voices #22 – September 2013 Top Picks

I had to wrestle long and hard over the Top Picks this month, so I hope they fit the bill.  You’ll probably notice a few markets on the list we don’t regularly feature, along with a few we often do.  And as always, the list is rather eclectic, with perhaps a slightly higher concentration of zombies…

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