Oct 15

Capclave 2012 Reflections

For those who don’t know, I was at Capclave 2012 this weekend in Gaithersburg, MD.  It’s a speculative fiction (fantasy, science fiction, and horror) con that is focused on the literary aspects of genre fiction.  As a big fan of short fiction and a sometimes reader of novels, there were a LOT of great panels for me.  I’m also a member of WSFA, the hosting organization, so it was doubly good.

One of the most exciting parts of Capclave this year was my podcast‘s inclusion in the programing.  On Saturday I held a roundtable discussion mirroring the ones we do at normal WSFA meetings.  Unfortunately, it mirrored a little two closely — it was the same people.  I’m glad they came, but it did make me reevaluate how we’re going to do this thing next year (assuming I’m still in a Capclave-adjacent area next year).  We’ll probably make it more of a “what are all these podcasts I hear so much about” info session.

Personally, I went to a lot of great panels and events.  The Edgar Rice Burroughs panel was staffed by some really impressive experts.  The same goes for the “xenobiology” panel, which was very scientifically stimulating!

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Oct 06

Synthetic Voices #10 – September 2012 Top Picks

September was an epic month for audio fiction podcasts.  As I sit here writing this blurb, there are 14 great stories I’d love to feature.  Plus lots of bonus stories and info.  Below I’ll choose my favorite 6…though I may sneak a few more in there…

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Oct 04

Synthetic Voices #9 – “Benjy” Fiction Reading

Here’s a bit of flash fiction that I wrote and read myself.  I’m not planning on making this podcast a self-promotion machine, but this story was just featured on another podcast and I thought I’d share it here as a little bonus.  Your regularly scheduled episode should go up soon after this one…

Written and Read by James Rogers
Previously featured on The Dribblecast

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Sep 03

Synthetic Voices Episode #8 – Selections from August 2012

School is back in session, the season will start changing soon, but let’s hold on to a bit more of summer, with a review of August’s best stories.  At least, according to me!

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Aug 24

New fiction and old fiction…

A couple exciting updates:

Briefly, I’m writing fiction a little more steadily over the last couple days.  I’ve had a story in the works (in my brain) for a little while, but now I have finally sat down and begun writing.  Better than that, I have a pretty good feeling about what’s come out so far…about 1500 words.  Here’s to finishing it…

More concrete and more exciting, my friend Charity has given me permission to feature one of her stories on Synthetic Voices.  She published her story, called “Trees,” previously in an ezine that has since disappeared.  When I find the time, I’ll record it for the podcast.

Incidentally, I encountered “Trees” while doing crits for Critters.org.  I knew Charity, but had no idea that it was her story or that it was subsequently published!