Jan 11

Synthetic Voices #13 – December 2012 Top Picks

This month has been a tumultuous one – travel, holidays, and illness.  Podcasted fiction seems to have also had a hard time, December representing the weakest month for fiction that I have yet seen.  Even so, we shake off the snow from our cloaks and gather round the fire to discuss the best stories from December and the year at large!

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Jan 06

Synthetic Voices’ Top Podcasted Stories of 2012

Here on the Synthetic Voices podcast, I see a LOT of fiction over the course of a calendar year.  Now, the 2012th year of the Common Era is coming to a close, so I thought I’d look back over my selections and pick out the cream of the crop.  The podcast has only been running since March, but I have been writing a “Top Picks” list since at least January of 2012, so all of those stories were eligible in addition to those featured on the podcast.

The winners below were painstakingly plucked from over 30 initial candidate stories, so congrats to all the authors, narrators, producers, and editors involved!

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Dec 02

Synthetic Voices #12 – November 2012 Top Picks

November was another fantastic month!  Even the more unreliable markets were on their game.  I hope you enjoy my eclectic Top Picks this time around, plus a few juicy feature sections!

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Nov 13

Join the SV Goodreads Discussion Group!

As some of you may know, Synthetic Voices is not only a podcast, but also the basis of a fun discussion group at monthly WSFA meetings.  But not all listeners (I’m assuming from the download stats) live in the Washington Metro area.  For that reason, I’ve started up a fun little Goodreads forum/group/thing for everybody to participate in (WSFAns are welcome too of course).

So grab yourself a digital chair and join the group.  Feel free to friend me too!

Now keep in mind, this is brand new and I’d rather it become something interesting than anything else.  So let me know your ideas.  So far, I’ve just created a couple feeder threads/folders to guide discussion.  Basically, Top Picks (those first 6 stories) go in one area, other stories go in another, and suggestions can go at the bottom.

Nov 10

Synthetic Voices #11 – October 2012 Top Picks

October was another FANTASTIC month for audio fiction.  There was not only the normal complement of SF and Fantasy, but Horror got a kick in the pants because of Halloween.  After the Top Picks, you’ll get TWO spooky samplings of delicious, dark stories.  Happy Halloween candy hangover everyone!

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