Feb 14

We’re back in business!

Just an update, the site was down for about a week while I changed over to a new host. Now things are back up again.

I will mention that MOST previous posts with images now have broken links.  Sadly… Haha! After an OBSURD amount of fighting with the file I made to archive the site – it caused an error when I tried to unpack it, so I had to use some freeware from 2001 to unpack it properly – I got ALL of the images back for all of the old posts!  *takes a bow*

Oh and there’s a new theme in town.  Aside from some formatting weirdness in older posts, what do you all think?  Make a comment below, if you please!

-Your Webmaster In Chief (Jimmy)

Jun 02

Science Is Magic is BACK ONLINE!

So after my registrar, Dotstrar, vanished, leaving only a vacant website and email accounts that bounced-back all incoming messages, my registration lapsed and I lost the domain.  Fortunately my host was able to hold of my data (read: blog posts) on their servers until now.  I have transfered my domain over to a new registrar (GoDaddy, who seem to be the cheapest without being based in some 3rd world country) and the Science and Magic should be uninterrupted from here on out!

I hope some of you are still aware of this blog’s existence…I should have a new update post out this week!  I’ve been busy during all this downtime!

Aug 19

Site is Back Online

While YOU may not have noticed much (or any) downtime, I have been fighting to get access to my site. My hosting service changed some internal stuff and it seems that whatever regional routers (at the ISP level) need to do to adjust to that took several days. I will update with some stuff about UMD and such in the coming days.

Right now though, I’m off to Ohio for a little vacation with the family!

May 01

Welcome to Science Is Magic.com

Like most bloggers, I’ve been hoping for years to have a domain to call my own.  So many questions then arise: how much will it cost, what will I do with it, what blog platform should I use, what domain should I get?  Well this site, for me, is the answer to all those questions.

I will continue the work I did on Mason Tech Beat, but shift a little more toward science.  For the moment this site may function primarily as a hub for all my other writings on the internt, but exect to see at least SOME unique content.

Please note, the site is still in a very early stage and I do need to resolve some issues.  For some reason I can’t get the permissions working to allow WordPress to actually upload files on its own (outside of blog posts).  That means I can’t use any uploaded images or even add my plug-ins automatically.

If you think you can help at all or have some ideas (though don’t get after me about the theme, it’s still filling out), you can contact me through the contact page (see the links at the top).

Thanks All!